Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Screen Designs

This week I got a comment reccommending I upload some of my web site designs on to my online learning journal so that I could get feedback on them, I thought it was an excellent idea.

My web site is about Guy Fawkes and it is being aimed at children in Primary schools aged 9-12.
Design 1

Image Of Screen Design 1

Design 2

Image Of Screen Design 2Design 3

Image Of Screen Design 3Design 4Image Of Screen Design 4
Could People please comment on what you like and dislike about the designs and which you think would be most suitable.


Gary Benn said...

I think it is a good idea to be scanning your work for your journal. I think I'll be doing something similar soon.

I really like design 1 and 2. Design one would be my choice. I think it would appeal to children within your primary target audience.

The second design looks good too. It would be nice if you mocked up a more detailed one of each in page maker with the photographs on (just quick, for your sketchbook). I like the way the photograph fills half of the design. If I were doing it I would make it exactly 50:50.

I’m not as sure about 3 and 4 as they are really busy background and will make it hard to get the font colour so it is easily read (70% contrast). Also the background would have to be images. This would create problems to keep within your size limit.

Good Work - What are your intentions now? Do you have a favourite?

Greg Carrick said...

I think that the first design would be the best choice for your target audience, as it is well laid out and the colours would appeal to younger people.

Martyn said...

I think a mixture of design one and design four would look the best and maybe appeal more to your target audience, however if your just going to choose one out of them all I would agree with Greg and choose design one.

Julian Dyer said...

It’s good to see your designs on your ‘online learning journal’, Victoria.

I think that the first design’s layout is the best, but I prefer the flame colours from the other designs. It may be worth trying this out to see how it looks. I think that the bright colours look a bit too young for your target audience, where as you could have quite a stylised look with the flame colours for your 9-12 years old target audience.

When I design a website, I treat the layout and the graphical side as two separate elements. For your next site, you may want to do lots of different layout sketches, and then try different colours within these layouts. This will allow you to create even more ideas for your design.

I would advise that you should also label your drawings a bit more, as this will show Steve what considerations you have made when creating the design. You can use labels to describe what is there, but also your opinion on weather it works or not.

Rebecca said...

Yes I think that design 1 is the best I think that its more bright and colourful and will fit in with your target audience alot better.
Well done on your designs there looking really good.