Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Half term

This week is half term, I have had a read thought the next assignment sheets but I am going to have another read thought and write some question down which I want to ask about the assignment. I am looking forward to the next assignments and I want to try harder than the last assignment, I know I tried to do my best for the last assignment but I am nervous about getting my results, I hope I pass but I will be upset if I don’t get a pass but all I can do is try and get my work better.

I am looking forward to reading week to see what tasks we have to do. The only thing is, I am worried it might be complicated task and I might get stuck and not know what to do, something like using photo which I don't how to use the program, but hopeful if that happens I can contact class members or Steve for help.

I have been collecting inspiration so that I can stick it in my sketch book when I get it back and I have also been researching and been having a go with different software's so I also have some notes to stick in.


Julian Dyer said...

Collecting inspiration will be good for the next assignment (if it is the image manipulation one). When you come to putting it into your sketchbook, you should write some notes on why it is inspirational to you. If there are any online pieces which inspire you (websites, banner adverts etc) you could post some links in your next blog post.

Now that you can use PageMaker, you will start to be able to work out how the document has been put together. You will see where blocks of text are, how elements in the page line up, and how white space is used, as well as other things. This should give you plenty of stuff to comment on in your annotation, and your annotation should increase as you learn more theory at college.

I found that looking at documents in this way really accelerated my understanding of how to create good layouts, and how to use white space effectively. If you start analysing professional work, it’ll start to show in your own work.

Tom Smith said...

It's good that you've had a look through the assignment sheets and thought about some questions. I've had a look but haven't got round to thinking of any questions yet.

I'm sure you did fine on the last assignment- and I think your attitude of looking to the future to get work to a higher standard is a good attitude to have.

Rebecca said...

Yes I am the same about the task next week am worried that the task will be too hard to do. But theres allways every one else to ask. And you know that you can ask me for help.

shaunbellis said...

Hey Everyone

I am trying to drum up some interest in my most recent journal entry.

The focus of this is the third paragraph and Steve's comments regarding it.

I would really appreciate it if people could leave a comment showing how they feel about the situation and any possible solutions.


Thank you for your time and support

Shaun Bellis.

Martyn said...

Hi vicky, i am doing the same have allot of landscape inspiration as well as logos. I think the best place to start is magazeens i have alot of inspiration now after flicking through a couple, at the moment though i am missing my sketchbook i feel lost without it, i think most of the people feel the same, i was thinking about buying a new one so that ide have somthing to put my meterial in then i thorght no, i will just save my meterial untill we get them back.