Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Final week nearly!

This week I am considering has the last week of the assignment, but really the assignment deadline is 16th October. Steve recommended we finished the assignment a week easily so we could do any improvements we needed to do. I feel like I am doing OK with my work and I am on track but I still feel a bit nervous about getting all the work complete and to a good standard.

Has last week we learnt how to Pagemaker this week I have been having a go at doing some of my designs and the site structure diagram using the program, I had a few times when I didn't know how to do some thing, like I wanted the shape of the buttons on the web site design to be a box with rounded Corners, I tried looking my self for a way to do it by I couldn't find it so Gary showed me how I could round the corner and once I had been shown how to do it, it was easy. The work that I am doing in Pagemaker is just rough, but I still think it looks like a child has done it using word so I am going to think of ideas I could make the design look better, I could start with getting the sizing right, then I could try using different fonts that would be more appropriate for the topic.

There is a couple of things I have got left to start this week this includes assets table, budget statement and the evaluation, but it might be best to start the evaluation next week after I have completed all the other tasks that need doing. For the other tasks for the assignment, I have started them but I haven't finished any, I think you can always improve your work but I don't think you should spend too much time looking for mistakes or you can mess up your work.

I am find my sketch book very useful for all my notes but It's just hard trying to find the notes I have wrote, so I might start using the back couple of pages in my sketchbook as a index, I have already started numbering my pages I just need to go thought my sketchbook and write in my index which pages have what on.


Martyn said...

Ye i no how you feel time seams to just fly past, im sure youll get it in on time, hopfully we all will, dont think anyone wants to see steves rath again.

Greg Carrick said...

I bet your designs don't look like a child has done them and it's only your first time using the program properly. Your designs will get better when you have more experience in the program. I know my designs don't look any were near as good as some of the other class member's designs.

Tom Smith said...

I agree, it probably is just a matter of getting to grips with the software. It's difficult to create something as you want it to look without having at least some experience with software. I mean I've made my screen designs on Photoshop to see what they look like, but when it comes to Pagemaker my lack of experience may mean that it's difficult to replicate.
Just spend some time with the software and it will get better, I assure you!

Gary Benn said...

Dear viki, this is where the sketchbook comes in! The more paperbased designs/thumbnails, the easier it is to do on comp!

But I saw your design and it looked ok! Dont put yourself down!