Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The first assignment has been handed in!

On Monday I wrote my evaluation, I found it quiet easy to write after the first bit which I had to think how to start it. On Sunday I wrote a bulleted list of things I should including in the evaluation then I used the list when I wrote the evaluation on Monday it was good to have an idea of what to write about and in the end I wrote too much and ended up cutting it down, It was hard cutting it down because I thought everything I had wrote was meant to be included and taking things out was like missing parts out.

The last thing I did for my assignment was referencing, I had about 15 references and I estimated it would take a couple of hours which it did. Thought the assignment I had 2 pages in my sketchbook were I put all my references, so when I came to reference I decide were the references went in the assignment then added them, having the 2 pages of references made it easier to reference as I didn't have to search thought my sketch book to find the all.

I handed my assignment work in today at about 11 o clock, I am glad I have handed it in I am now nervous about what grade I have got, but I know I have tried my best.
Last night was the most stressful night of this assignment I knew I didn't have a lot to do it was just I knew it was going to take me along time to do it so I started wondering if I was going to get it complete in time then I started worrying the work I had already done was wrong, so at one point I had to have a break and when I went back to my work I planned what I was going to do and got on with it and finished it.

This afternoon we had a lecture on presentation, Presentation are the worst things ever for me, I aren't the loudest person every, so I hate it when i am centre of attention, I don't even like it when I have to answer questions in class, because I get nervous then i start mumbling or I can't even talk and I worry what I am going to answer is wrong. I want to improve my presentational skills and get better at speeching out loud and hopefully a bit of practice should help.


Julian Dyer said...

Writing a bulleted list is a great way to go about writing evaluations, as well as any other essay task. I find that it makes a really solid structure to work from, and once written you can simply go through each point in turn and expand upon it when you turn it into prose.

Cutting down essays is probably one of the hardest skills to master. Keeping an eye on the word limit throughout the writing process can limit the amount you have to cut out later.

You may find it useful to prioritise the points you need to make, for example you could highlight the most important points in one colour, and the less important ones in another.

If you find yourself miles off the world limit, you can put in some of the less important ones. If you find yourself getting close to the word limit, you can junk the less relevant ones. See if you can develop a system to help you do this.

Gary Benn said...

I have to agree with Julian as well!

This is what I did for the majority of my assignment, writing a list of things to cover in my sketchbook and then writing in more detail into the subject.

It also helped me keep on subject and below the word count limit.

p.s. Sorry to see your not in my new seminar group. :(

Martyn said...

I found the best way to do this evaluation, was to look at your blog, most your feelings of the assignment should already be writen making it allot easier.

For presentations, i dont like to do them infront of new people, but infront of all you its ok as we all no each other, i think the best thing to do is take deap breaths like Steve & John said.

Also i agree with Jullan, the word limmit is hard i almost went over on the assignment, i will have to learn how to cut my words down allot.

Andrew said...

I like your idea on keeping track of your references throughout on a single page, it really would shorten the referencing process.
I too had around 15 references and I found that having them organised and in one place really shortened the input time, and in the end it didn't actually take me that long to do my referencing.

Michelle Bonfield said...

I think your worries about presentations are completely natural and felt in very degrees by everyone in the group. So firstly you are not alone!

Secondly think of your presentation as if you are an Actress. You need to detach your everyday self, and almost put on a mask to cover your worries and uncertainty.

When you stand up infront of a group you are in charge, you are in control enjoy the feeling! No-one is going to worry if you make the odd mistake we're behind you all the way and want you to do well.Get the audience involved, ask them questions related to your presentation. This will help you to relax and form a bond with the audience.

Lastly practice makes perfect, make sure you're confident in what you have to say and this will ease a lot of your worries immediately. Equally, once this first presentation is out of the way you will have gained so much confidence and this will continue everytime you present.