Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Reading Week

On Monday I emailed Steve for the reading week task, I didn’t have clue what it was going to be, while I was waiting for Steve to e-mail back, I went on MSN messenger to talk to the other group members, I think its good we all have some way to communicate between each other. When we all got our e-mail from Steve telling us we were doing a presentation on a certain colour (mine is Yellow), we all told each other which colour we got and we were talking about the different colours, martin told use all a useful web site we could use to find information on the colours.

When I found out I had to presentation I was fine about it, I am not bothered about doing the presentation till the night before I have to do it and that’s when I’ll be nervous and I’ll start panicking. I am doing my presentation on Yellow, Yellows my least favourite colour, but I am getting use it after researching it for so long. I have found out some good facts about yellow and I didn’t know that different cultures had different meaning for colours which I have found interesting.

After I done quiet a bit of research I started to make a visual aid, we were told we could either use Powerpoint or PageMaker to make a presentation, has I don’t have PageMaker I have had to Powerpoint, Steve doesn’t like animation, so it just a simple presentation, I have used a few images and tried to use as few words on the slides as possibly, so the people that are going to see the presentation don’t get over loaded with text.

For the presentation we have to include a visual aid and handouts, I have started the visual aid but for the handout and sure what to include yet, I thought about using the important information I am going to talk about in the presentation and include some web sites were I got the information from. I also have to think about when I want to hand the handouts out during the presentation, at the moment I thinking near the end, but I want to use a image in the presentation and if I can’t find a bigger version of the image to use in the visual aid, I might include the image on the handout and give it out when I get to that images slide so people can view the image better.

The presentation has to last 5 minutes, the longest presentation I have done before is about 1 minute and when I did that it felt I had been doing it 10 minutes because I was so nervous, hopefully been well prepared and organised I should do ok with the presentation on Monday.


Greg Carrick said...

It's good that you're thinking that far into when you're giving the handouts out. I'm still not sure when to give mine out or what to put on it.

I feel exactly the same as you as I don't get nervous until the night before a presentation. Just don’t think about it, it won’t be as bad as you think it’s going to be.

Suzanne Hullah said...

To be it nicely, I'm pooping bricks about monday's presentation! It's been a few years since I've done one and it didn't last as long as five minutes. But I suppose we're all in the same boat in the end and as long as we're all professional about it, we'll be ok!

James Bell said...

I think it is a good idea to include the image on the handout I can be very difficult to get the full and intended effect of the image if it too small, when projected on the screen.

Craig Burgess said...

Although it's easy for me to sit here and say "don't be nervous", it's best to try and not get yourself to flustered about it. Try and put a positive spin on doing a presentation, as you're going to have to do one (and many more) anyway.

Also, it's completely natural to be nervous. It's impossible not to be. They do get easy, I can vouch for that.

Rebecca said...

Yes I'm the same about the presentation very nervous as its been a long time since we did are presentations at college. But am sure we will be fine as long as we practice then so it will be much easyer when the day comes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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DREW said...

When I was practising my first presentation it was so difficult getting it to run for the required amount of time. I had actually produced too much content to fit into the time period and so had to cust bits out.

I wouldn't worry too much about it, obviously you will be nervous immediately before hand but it's such a great thing to become practised at.

Thomas Wealthy said...

I'm sure as it is all our first presentation in front of our class it will be quite nerve racking. But we are all in the same position and are all learning at the same time.

At the end of the day just keep your cool and focus on your presentation.