Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Back at college

This week we are back at college, the first day back was a kind of bad day back, Firstly I had to do a presentation, I didn’t get much sleep on Sunday night with worrying about the presentation, I started thinking that my presentation was rubbish and that I was going to make a fool out of my self. When we got into the classroom on Monday we found out that the presentations were just going to be in front of Steve, I was relieved but I still felt nervous, plus I was anxious about getting my A2 assignment grade.

When I did the presentation I felt nervous, the time went so fast I thought been stood doing a 5 minute presentation would feel like ages, but it didn’t and I went over the time limit. I think for my presentation I spend more time researching than I did making the presentation. I researched all the words in my presentation that I thought people wouldn’t understand and I thought Steve might ask me what they mean. In the presentation I included a map to show were all the different cultures were, was going to make little drawn pins and put them on the map to make it clear were the cultures were but I run out of time and thought it would be better to practice the presentation, then add new things. While I was doing the presentation I had clue card because when I get nervous I forget what I am going to talk about, so I wrote plenty of notes, I wrote extra notes so that If I run out of time I still had things to talk about, but in the end I didn’t need them and I had to cut down on the other information I had planned to use.

While we were waiting to do the presentation the class was sat in the canteen waiting for the last person that did their presentation to come down and tell who was next. As we all waited to do our presentation, we got on as a group and supported each other, people were showing each other their presentations and handout, which made me more calmer, because the people in the group had done different information in their presentation but done in the same idea as me, which was using lists of words and then they were going to talk about those words.

After dinner we got our assignment results, I got referred, I was expecting it well I thought if I tell my self I have referred then it wouldn’t be that bad when I got told I had. When all the class had been told their results the room had like an unhappy atmosphere. We were asked to write a online learning journal entry but not to publish it, I couldn’t write one because my mind was just blank. I was upset that I had fail mainly because I felt like I had let my self down and secondly I had let my family, not that my mum and dad were upset or angry with my result, its just they saw how much hard work I had done and how stress out I got and it would have been nice for it all to pay off but I just didn’t do well enough. Now it makes me think if I have failed this assignment what’s to make me pass the next one, I know I will have to try harder and I am considering cutting my hours down at work, so I have more spare time. I really want to do well on this course and when I got told the assignment referred I panicked about getting the assignment up to a pass, Steve’s been saying how hard it’s going to be doing the two assignments this term and adding a third one just made think if I was going to coupe with all the work. Hopefully I will and it’s better that we have a little break between getting the results and doing the touch up to the assignment work, it tells us start and understand the new assignments.


Suzanne Hullah said...

Don't get yourself in a spin over the fact that you refered your first assignment, plenty of people did it last year too. Until we get our feedback next week there isn't anything anyone can do so you shouldn't worry! And when everyone gets their feedback, we can help and support one another so that everyone achieves a 'pass' grade!

Julian Dyer said...

Don’t feel upset about your referral. The first assignments is probably the hardest, as there are lots of little things which can easily be missed out. I wouldn’t even want to do it again now, one year and many assignments later.

I think that you should focus on getting some good preparation done for these next assignments. What problems did you have at the start of the first assignment? Is there some system you could design to help you at the start of these assignments?

Now that you have the experience of doing one assignment, put it to good use for these assignments. One bit of advice I would give is that the content you will need to write for your website takes a lot longer than you think – I thought it would take ‘a few hours’ but was horribly wrong – do a handful of definitions each week.

Tom Smith said...

You said in your entry 'what's to make me pass the next one'. I'd say that experience will help. You have now done one assignment and gained knowledge of what is expected of you. Once you get your feedback for A2 you will know even more what is expected of you.

I reckon that with the experience and knowledge from A2, you shouldn't look on it so negatively. Rather, you should think of all the things you have learned and concentrate on applying them to the new assignments.

Thomas Wealthy said...

I'm sure that balancing the three assignments is going to be difficult, but at the same time this is where our time planning skills comes to light. I think as soon as we all get used to filling them out effectively then balancing out the assignments should not be too difficult.

In regards to the presentation, I also thought that it would seem like forever until the presentation finished. But surprisingly the five minutes disappeared which was a great feeling.

Greg Carrick said...

Don’t thinks so negative about it and try not to refer to your referral as a fail because its not.

I have to agree with Tom, you now have some experience and know know what is required of you.

Instead of stressing out about doing three assignments at once, you should get ahead and apply the general feedback; we got on Monday, to your work. Because it could be that it was just a simple thing you referred on, and it will make it a lot easier when you get your individual feedback.

Rebecca said...

Well I just want to say well done for doing your presentation because I know how nervous you where. And I bet your presenatation was great.

I wouldnt worry about your assignment to much as there was quit a few people that didnt pass. I would just be positive about it and you can learn what you did wrong for your next assignment.

Liam Corfield said...

The 5 mins really did go by so quickly, I still cant understand how my presentataion overshot the time, i rehursed it the night before is is was orund 5 mins, but on monday i overshot by 3 mins

Dont worrie about being reffered, most of us did, but we must be stong and go at it head on and make it a pass, i know we can all di it if we keep focused.

Anonymous said...

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