Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Three assignment to do!

This week I have started assignment 3- Back to Basics, Has it is another web planning assignment I have an idea of what is needed to be done. I enjoyed doing the last unit so I hopefully it should be the same with this one.

A worry I had this term, was that I would be doing two assignments at the same time and for some time I will be improving my assignment 2, so I would be doing 3 assignments, but now I know what the assignments are and what I need to do I feel a lot more confident about getting the work done.

Last week I started the, are we designers or artists essay, I did a lot of research before and while I was writing the essay, which I found very useful. In the essay we had to talk about The Designers Republic work, I thought their work was good but not all of it was my taste, but it was good to see the type of companies they have worked with.

Today we have been learning about image compression, at first I was a bit over loaded with all the information but I do under stand it and I do have my notes to go back to if I need to remember any thinks about Image compression. After dinner today we got shown how to do image compression using Photoshop. We then got some images given out and we got to mess about with compressing different images. I am looking forward to writing the essay and I have enjoyed learning about image compression.

For self study this week I am going to be writing my compression essay, A3- goals and target audience and Improving my A2. For my A2 improvements I am going to spilt up all the tasks I have to do then set certain days to do certain task, so I know what needs to be done and when I need to do it.


Rebecca said...

I was the same about all the information given about image compression as we have never done this before. But the presantations where useful and we can go back to the notes any time.

Glad to see that your writing a list of what you need to do this week it will help us loads and can break the tasks down.

Liam Corfield said...
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Liam Corfield said...

I think that the designers republic work is done in the same style, dont get me wrong, its good, but it seems very repetitive.

James Bell said...

After reading some of the interview with Ian Anderson,the founder of The Designers Republic,I almost feel that they create work that isn't to everyone taste intentionally just to gain a reaction from people.

Anonymous said...

Comment deadline.

Mirhad Kalabic said...

Image compression is something that many designers tend to overlook and underestimate. The imoprtance, especially on websites where there might be quite a few images is paramount. The end user will according to research will wait roughly 10-15 seconds for a page to load before losing interest, iv'e seen single images that take longer than that to load and is it any wonder why such sites are big failures?

Honestly, don't understimate these lectures because this type of stuff is part of everyday life as a designer and little things as such will be the key to success.