Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Learning how to use Photoshop

This week I have been continuing with the image restoration task, at the beginning of the task I was existed about doing it but it’s harder than I thought it was going to be. I don’t know how to use the tools on Photoshop, so I am have problems deciding which tools to use for which part of the picture. I have been trying different tools and I am finding some useful and others I am still finding out how to use. So this week I am going to carry on practicing with Photoshop and start from the beginning with picture, and hopefully I should get better with the program and restoring the image.

While I have been doing the image restoring I have been doing my delivery requirements, completive analysis and contents for assignment 4. I have enjoyed writing the contents for the web site because as I like learning about things I don’t know and learning more about things I already know.

I have completed all my referral work this week and I handed it in today. I am glad I don’t have to work on it any more so I have more time to do my other course work. I worked on my referral work a bit the first week after I got my feedback and on the second week I got more work done, but on the day before it needed handing in, I started noticed little details I could improve which took me ages to change. For example I edited some of my information and then I had to move all my references around after, and I had to do this a few times had I kept editing my text.

Today and yesterday the class did a timed tasked. Monday we had 15 minutes to design a black and white business card and then we had 15 minutes to put the designs on the computer. The tasked showed me how much work you can get done when under pressure. We were given certain information to put on the business card, we were not to not exclude or add information. Using information that I was given, I thought it would make it easier not to make any mistakes but I was wrong, I made spelling errors which I also missed when I proof read. Today we did the same task but we were given more information to include. I thought this made the business card harder to design. After we had done the designs on the computer, we printed them off and stuck them on the wall to get feedback. My business card wouldn’t print out so I didn’t get feedback on mine but it was good to hear other peoples feedback has it help me understand things I could have improved on mine.


John Browne said...

Its a shame we couldn't see your final business card as it could have added more to the evaluation side and how to improve on work.

I barely knew a thing about photoshop at the beginning of this course, let alone restore an image. I couldn't even draw a bow at 1st. But with spare time on my hands I managed to download a free trial of photoshop which I learnt a lot from. Also this image restoration task has learnt me a great deal, in a way which I yearn to learn more.....

Rebecca said...

Its good to see that you got your feed back for the image restoration. So looks like your learning a lot about restoring imagers now.

I am the same as ive never used this program before so its just getting use to learning about the different settings and when to use them.

Martyn said...


Photoshop is a complex tool that is why it is a designers tools. I have been using it for a year and I’m still learning things, I will not say I’m good with it because I am not. However I normally no what tools to use. If you ever get stuck don’t hesitate to ask me or anyone else in the group as I am sure they would all help. Also same as JB said shame your business card wouldn’t work, its something to put in your sketchbook to show your progress so make sure that you place it in there when you can.

Thanks, Martyn

Anonymous said...

Comment deadline.

Craig Burgess said...

If you're struggling with using Photoshop Victoria you might find some of the topics useful that has been posted on Das Forum recently.

A few first years have asked how we approached it the first time and there is some useful answers on there that you might want to take a look at.