Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Restoring Images

For assignment 4 this week we got a lecture on how to restore images. I was looking forward to learning about restoring images, but once I started trying to restore an image it was harder than I thought it was going to be. There is a fold across the photo that we are restoring and at the moment I’m having problems trying to remove it. I have no experience using Photoshop so it all new to me, so all I can really do is just keep playing about with the program and hopefully my skills in using the software will improve.

This week for the seminar meeting, the groups had to have goals, target audience, delivery requirements and completive analysis finished or at least started for the meeting. I got all 4 done but I need to improve on the delivery requirements, because I need to research and write about the technologies. From the seminar meeting I know some things I need to improve on, including check my goals, improve delivery requirements and add extra points into the completive analysis.

Last week I did the Image compression essay, it took me hours to write it, as I didn’t know how to start it, then I didn’t know how to word what I was going to say, but when I had completed the essay I was happy with what I had done. I am going read though it again this week though and see what I could improve on it.

For my A2 assignment I haven’t done as much work on this assignment as I have wanted to, but I am going to do a couple of hours two night. Hopefully I should get all the A2 work done by Thursday so I can check it all for the rest of the week.


Liam Corfield said...

I can understand what your going through, this is the first time ive used photoshop too. I am also struggling with the fold in the middle of the photo, it hard work trying to get it look right. but alot of people are using online help guides.

Rebecca said...

I'am new to the software to but reading over your notes again and making sure you understand them will help loads. If you just mess around with the picture before you actually do you final restoring then you should know what you need to do to the picture.

Gary Benn said...

The thing with photoshop is, there is no real easy way to learn it other than play around with it! You can always click undo. And there are some useful tutorials online if you google them. If i come across any good ones in the near future ill post them on my journal!

I think everyone had the same problem with the delivery requirements, meaning we haven't put them in as much detail as is required for this new unit.

As for A2 - Good luck and if it means a few really late nights - DO IT - it will be worth it.

See you on monday!

Greg Carrick said...

I have to agree with Gray, I’d never used Photoshop before and after playing about with it and using the undo button, I started to realise what things did.

I also have to agree with Rebecca, looking through your notes really does help.

Martyn said...


Yes I also realized that image restoration takes a lot longer than I originally thought, however it is a fun assignment so no matter how long I spend on it I am still enjoying it. Unfortunately I do not have time to take a brake this week mainly because I also have referral work to do as well. Most is done now, however I keep checking and checking to make sure that it is all rite so this week there is no brakes for me.

If you need help during the image restoration use www.dasforum.c.uk, as they can offer help, experience and thoughts on your work.

Anonymous said...

Comment deadline.

John Browne said...

Personaly im not finding this task hard one bit. I have very little photoshop experience that I have gained in my own personal time, which quite possible may be one of the reasons im finding it easy. This is a very good task in my opinion as it allows us to be creative in colour and it will improve out ability in both creative atmospheres and the Photoshop program....