Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Completing assignment 3

Today I have designed and started making banners. The banners that are been designed, are for Jazz musicians. The class was given some pictures and I have to choose 2 to use to create the banner around.
I am not sure what I think to this task, I don’t dislike it but I am not existed about doing it, it’s probably because I haven’t done any think like this before, so it’s all new to me.
To design the banners we had certain amount of time to complete the design work including annotating the designs, this made all the first designed rusted and kind of messy. For the final designs we had about 9 minutes a design, the time went really fast, I finished on time the only thing I wanted to do was check I had done everything and the one thing I missed out was the font size. After designing the banners, I started making the design on the computer, to do this I had to use Photoshop. At the moment Photoshop is annoying me, I don’t know to use it so things I want to do I can’t do, because I don’t know how to use the tools. I spent about 2 hours looking for tutorials that explained how to do basic things in Photoshop like fill a square with colour, which I final found how to do and how to make squares have round corners.

Last week for self study I have been doing my screen designs for assignment three. I have completed some thumbnails and I have chosen four I like best and I think will best suit the purpose of the web site. I have posted the final four on my blog, at the bottom of this entry.

Also for self study last week I carried on doing the image restoring. I started again with the image, this time I think I did better than before. The only thing is that where the fold line was there is still a faint line, which I have tried to get rid of but nothing I have tried as worked. I haven’t added to colour the image yet but hopeful I will be doing that this week.

On Monday it was my birthday and on the same day I got the feedback for the improvements I did on my a2 referral work, and this time I passed which I am really happy about, and it made my birthday better, because now I can stop worrying if have passed or not.

Screen Designs
Below are my 4 final screen designs, please could you leave feedback about what you think to the designs and any improves you could reccommend .
Screen Design 1.
Screen Design 2.

Screen Design 3.

Screen Design 4.


Tom Smith said...

With the image restoration, applying colour can make the line where the fold was harder to see. Other than that, it's just a case of getting stuck in with the various tools that Steve showed us all how to use- and spending time getting it right. Not very helpful, I know, but thats what has to be done!

Michelle Bonfield said...

Screen Design Feedback;

I prefer the the layout of design 1, but the header bar of design 4. They should fit well together because of the rounded corners.

If you're still having problems with photoshop then just give me a shout. I'm not an expert but might be able to help. There's still a week to go so don't panic.

Rebecca said...

Glad you passed your assignment.

Dont worry about not been able to use all the tools to make the banners, I am sure you will get use to it and be able to create some great banners.

I think that I like screen design 2its a bit like 1 of mine that I designed but I think the boxes in the middle of the page look good and stand out really well and also the colours look really good.

Andrew said...

Haha, your 1st screen design is sooo much like the one I have gone for, just tried to keep it real simple. If you keep having problems with photoshop give me a msg on msn, and I'll offer some help, try look at some tutorial sites too.

It's good to see you passed, I'm glad most people did.

Gary Benn said...

Hi vicky,

Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

I prefer design one, it is simple, however I think that design 2 would be easier to produce as it is all straight lines, it will also help you produce the layout in under 50k.

If i were to choose it would be TWO =)

Well done on passing!!!!

As for photoshop, I will try and dig out some tutorials i used to use. Ill find them before christmas so you can have a wizz through them in holidays maybe?

Anonymous said...

Comment deadline.