Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Week before hand in date

Last week I tried to get all my work done so that I could have it ready for the seminar group, so I could get feedback on, but I didn’t get all my work complete. I am happy with were I am up to now though, I have lot of work done and ready to put in the template, just few more things to complete and improve.

This week we haven’t had any lecture instead we had discussions about the assignments, I found it useful to have as it went over every thing we had to include, while we were going over everything I wrote down all and tasks with click boxes next to them, so I can go thought my work and click off what I have done and see what needs doing.

Today I have completed my first version of the banners and got feedback on them, I am going to improve the banners using the feedback I got and then post them on my blog. I have few more things to do to my screen design and when I have done them I will also post them up for feedback.

Next Monday, Steve as offered us the chance to do our work at home, I am going to get up in the morning sort some things out at home then go to college. I should have all my work done before Monday so all I need to go to college to do is have my work read though and checked for spelling and grammar errors, and also I will properly print my work out at college so I have it ready for Tuesday.

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