Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Screen design- please leave feedback


Marc Pugh said...

Nice idea. I think the only drawback is the alignment of some of your text and images. Couldn't they all be in the same alignment?

You might want to think about the space between the text and the images as well. Moving the images down slightly will give the text more room to breathe.

Rebecca said...

I think your designs really good, you can see how your design has changed from last time I saw it. And looks a lot better know that your have designed it on the computer.

I hope your feed back form looks ok now I have sent you that thing. And thank you for offering to look over my work. If you ever need any help than am allways happy to help you.

Michelle Bonfield said...

I'm really impressed with the translational of your sketchbook idea to digital. I think the you've definitely conveyed the simplistic, easily accessible interface.

Martyn said...


I am wondering about the pictures, if one of your goals is 50k make sure it sticks to that as you will have to create this site after Christmas.

Thanks, Martyn

John Browne said...

Nice Design you've got there. Simple, basic, and to the point. Well done. I hope to see this in a completed state hosted along side your domain name after the concluding assignment.

Gary Benn said...

nice design! its simple, fits the target audience and shows what it needs to with no frills (which is good!)

The only thing i will add is whats been said above, id just change the alignment of the text for the subject headers so they match. I think this will finish it off nicely.

I had a similar problem with the really long titles.

shaunbellis said...

Hey Victoria

I really like this idea. The fundamentals of it really appeal to me.

Usability is an ever more pressing issue with web design in particular.

I would perhaps give a little more thought to the vertical spacing between the paragraphs and the images; in my opinion it could be just a little bit bigger to clearly show a separation.

You have mentioned on my journal that you are sometime disheartened by other peoples work; from what I have just seen [even though its not a competition] you have nothing to worry about.

Very well done. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Comment deadline.

Anonymous said...

Comment deadline.