Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Banner- please leave feedback

Banner 1.

Banner 2.


Marc Pugh said...

Not too sure about the first banner. There seems to be a lot of space and the text half and half on 2 lines doesn't look over profesional either. The image to me is also quite small. Maybe you could change the size of the image and move some of the text to different areas.

Looking well so far though

Tom Smith said...

The one thing I think is the most important thing you need to sort out is like I said in the seminar group... you need to make sure the image isn't squashed.

Other than that, the other thing I'm not sure about is having so many different colours for the different items of text.

Mark Torrington said...

Banner 1 could be improved if you organised the arrangement of text and images better. It would work better if you:
- Corrected the photograph and positioned it to the top right
- Add white space to the left of you image to support your text in red or black, whichever looks more effective
- Alter your text around to allow the date to appear in the red stripe in one line in white on red

Banner 2
- Put the date on two line not three
- Drop the red line that supports the text “Tina May” make it a lager but heavier font and split over two lines in red

Since design is subjective please do not take my opinions to hart; they are only my thoughts about what I would alter.

James Bell said...

Your text looks very jagged and this could be because the anti-aliasing setting is set to 'none' in Photoshop

This link shows you how to change it
Choosing An Anti-Aliasing Method For The Font

Martyn said...


The first banner isn't bold enough in the title, i find my self reading the date first when i should be reading the name. Tryi making the date less more bold and the name bold and big. I had the same problem on mine finaly got it fixed.

thanks, martyn

Gary Benn said...

hey apart from the comments above, i quite like the ideas behind them both. I like the way there is consistency within them.

I have also always been a fan of black and red, its nice and bold.

Anonymous said...

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