Tuesday, 25 September 2007

First time using PageMaker

Today I learnt the basics of PageMaker. Pagemaker I thought was more complicated that programs like Word, but in a way they have a lot of the same features just PageMakers tools are a lot more advanced. I liked how a good piece of work comes out of what you make on PageMaker and how more professional it looks using Pagemakers than word.

Last week with for my self study I Started my screen designs. After the first few thumb nail web site designs I got stuck on idea, so I took a break and looked at magazines and watched television to see if I could get any inspiration, which I did, from Magazines I got the idea of using a picture for a background and also from watching television I got the idea of colourful buttons and blocks. I have learnt if you try hard to find inspiration your less likely to get it and if you just use whats around you and use your imagination its a lot easier. After I had done all the thumb nail designs I did bigger versions of some of the thumb nail designs. I asked my sister to help me choose which designs to use as I thought It would be good idea to have an other persons view on the designs. There were a few of the designs my sister really like so I used them and then we choose two other designs, all the deigns we choose were chosen to suit the target audience. I have two preferred designs they are similar but have a few differences like one has buttons and the other has text links.

One thing I will have to do for self study this week is make sure I write out all my references together and what I have used the reference for. I was glad on Tuesday when I got a e-mail back from a person I e-mailed asking permission to use their pictures, they said I could have permission to use the pictures, I will have to reference the pictures to say which web site I got them from and whose photos they are.


Julian Dyer said...

It is good to hear that you are looking at magazines for inspiration, Victoria. Just be sure to put it into your sketchpad so that you have a record of where it came from. Also record the feedback you get from other people, so that you can ‘select an appropriate design’. A few words of warning - be careful getting feedback from family members, as sometimes they are not totally impartial. I know that my sister would not give me good feedback on my designs, as she is trained in a completely different area of design (music video design), as is miserable at the best of times.

What you could do is to scan in your sketchpad (there is a scanner in the classroom if you do not have one at home) and upload a picture to your blog. This would encourage others to comment on your designs, and help you pick the best design solution. Posting your designs will also help to improve your confidence with showing your work, which you will have to get use to.

Don’t worry if not all the comments are favourable – not everyone will like all of your designs. Developing a thick skin and an ability to argue your point are essential skills for the long run. I hope to see some of your work for discussion next week :)

Victoria Fisher said...

Thanks for the comment recommending I scan some of my work, I scanned my screen designs and I have uploaded them onto my blog, so you can have a look at them and comment them if you want.

Thanks viki