Tuesday, 11 September 2007

My past, present and future

The first school I went to was Kirkhamgate Primary school, in Year 2 and 6 I did my SAT’s both exams I got average results for my age. In 2000 I went to Outwood Grange high school I got 12 GCES, grade C’s.

This year I got a GCE in applied ICT and the two years at college made me more mature and independent. The second year at Wakefield college I tried harder than the first year because I started doing a lot more work out of college, and I was glad I did because the second years grades were better. So I learnt the more work you put in the more satisfying it is when you get your grades.

Now I have started the Interactive media course I am looking forward to the assignments, the new things I am going to learn and improve on. I would like to pass the course at the end of the two years with a good grade. At the end of the course I want to be more confident and have learnt how to have a good client relationship with all clients.

At the end of the course I am thinking of two options I could do either do a top up year or get a job, I am not sure at the moment what job I would like but I am considering if I pass this course and get experience as a designer for a couple of years, maybe doing some teaching.

To get to where I want to be I am going to have to do some things to improve myself, first thing that I would like to improve would be my confidence, I could do this my pushing my self to do new things and things I don’t like doing. I have just got a part time job which I’m hoping will help for the future because it will improve my team skills and confidence. I am going to treat this course like a job by always trying my hardest and being on time. I have done a time table to show when I am at college, when I am working and when I have to do self study, I am also going to keep track of important dates, for example when assignments are due in.

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