Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Second Week of the assignment

For my self study last week I did some work on my assignment, the tasks that I have done so far have been understandable, I have chosen 4 goals for the web site but I hope to improve them, For the Target Audience I wrote quite a bit, well more than needed, so when I have finish the other tasks I am going to after go back over the Target Audience and cut it down from a A4 page to a small paragraph, I suppose its better I am having to cut it down instead of been stuck what to write. The next task I started is Competitive analysis, for this I am comparing two web sites about Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes has many pages of information but only a couple of web sites, so I have chosen two web sites, one that isn't that good and could do with a bit of improving even though it has just been updated last week, and the second web site is good, I have used the second web site so I can see how to improve my design.

I am still a bit unsure about the time sheet, I am doing the work just not understanding how to show it on the time sheet, for ex sample I don't know what to do if I do research for my competitive analysis, i do the research all the thought the task for competitive analysis, so do i write down it took me 5 hours or do I write it took me 1 hour yesterday and 2 hours today. At the moment I have left it blank, I was thinking about putting an overall of hours it took.

Yesterday I started my screen designs I though it might I have been easyer but it pretty hard thinking of many different ideas and designs. The Internet came in useful, has I look at a range of different web sites to get ideas, i found some really good web site which gave me some ideas, the web sites i liked I took a screen shot of and wrote down the address. At the moment I am doing thumb nail designs so I can find a design that will best suit the topic i choose.

This week I have e-mail a few people to ask for permission to use some of their pictures from their web site, I have some more people to e-mail has college doesn't allow you to go on hotmail at college I have wrote peoples e-mail address in my sketch book and I am going to e-mail them from home.

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Martyn said...

Since you was strugling for sites, i advanced searched some for you on google.