Tuesday, 29 April 2008

CD cover ideas

On Monday the lecture on printing artwork was redo, it was good to go over the lecture again as it is better to understand some thing new when it as been repeated and you have had time to take it in.

Last week my seminar group started researching pre flight documents. I couldn’t find many examples last week but this week I search something different in Google and I got a whole range of pre flight documents. We put the example together and showed each other what we had collected.

Monday I didn’t feel well so I went home at dinner, but the group carried on with the pre-flight document work. They e-mailed me thought out the afternoon to keep me up to dates on the progress of the document and so I could add any input. The version that was completed Monday was a good first copy, it just needs a few details added. This includes a sentence about checking the images used are 300dpi and to add contact details to the document. After those few details are added the pre flight document should be completed.

For the seminar meetings this week two groups were mixed together. I wasn’t sure about this idea, as I didn’t real want to say my ideas in front of a larger group, in case people thought my ideas were rubbish. When we got in the seminar meeting we were asked to put our work on the wall. I put my logos up and my CD cover images. I would have liked to had more work to put up, but I have been finding it hard to settle on an idea for the CD cover design. Now I have come up with the idea using dancers on the front and back cover, I thought of this idea because with the music been described as the next generation of dance music, the dance theme seem to fit. Showing my work to larger group wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and I got some good feedback from the meeting.

My logo is now complete, I printed out my logo with the different typefaces and colours so that in the seminar meeting this week I could get feedback on the logos. The feedback I got was that, the logo should be kept in black and white as a colour didn’t seem to suit the logo. Also I was told that on the CD cover if I use a black background I could make the logo white so the logos doesn’t mix in with the background. This is a good idea, as I am planning to use a night/space background, which is mainly black.

Today we had a discussion about the second year. The talk was about what kind of assignments we would be doing in the second year. After the talk some people went out of the class room to talk to Steve about going on to the second year. This is a good chance for Steve to tell us what he thinks to how we are doing and tell us what he thinks about us progressing on to the second year.


Greg Carrick said...

I thought the idea of putting the work on the wall was good and gave everyone chance to receive group feedback and see each other’s work. I wasn’t particularly fond of talking about my work in front of a larger group, but I need to get used to it sometime and it wasn’t that bad.

You seemed to be very confident talking in front of the group and you’re ideas for the CD Digipak® sounded good. You also seemed clear about how you wanted it to look, so it should work out and you should find it easier to create.

Martyn said...

Hi Vicky

I thought the work you showed on the wall in seminar class is really coming along. I like your logo and think it suits the type of music perfectly as well as being eye catching. I think it would be great to see your final CD designs the pictures you chose show grate potential.

If you every get stuck while creating your CD work over the next week just ask for help on the forum.

Thanks, Martyn

Rebecca Bradley said...

I think it was a good idea putting all are groups work together for the pre flight document. I think having the range of documents to look at and compare really helpped us to come up with a good piece of work.

Now we just need to change a few of the questions round and then put some design ideas on to it then I think the work will then be completed.