Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Starting the CD cover designs

For self study this week I have been working on my logos. I have been doing my logos in Illustrator and having a play about with different parts of the logo. I have used a range of different colours starting with the basics and this week I am going to try other colours. When I have finished experimenting with all the different ways of changing logo, I am going to printing them all out so I can see all the logos laid out together, which will make the changes more noticeable.

The other thing that I have been having a look at is typefaces, I looked at a few last week but I carried on looking at more. The type of typefaces I have been looking for is bold but modern, this suits the type of music that the record company sells and plus the bolder it is the easier it is to read/see.For making the different shapes, I have been trying different sizes and thickness for lines. Without seeing the logo it’s hard to see what I mean.

Also for self study I have been thinking of ideas for CD covers. I created some mind maps, to help me make some decide of what I could sketch. I have done a range of different designs, as the music on the CD I was giving had random songs. I could not get any ideas of the music or the song titles. Most of the song titles were foreign, so I am going to try and translate the words and see what they mean and maybe if they are suitable, I could use them to base a design round.

Today in my groups seminar meeting we started off by talking about our logo design, what they are like now and what improves we could make this week. The main topic for this week in the seminar meeting was the CD cover designs. We mainly talked about the designs and we will be showing them next week. I am going to try and get as much of the CD cover design work done and even start trying to get the designs on the computer in self study time.

On Monday we got our presentation/timed tasks feedback. I wasn’t sure how I did for the assignment, I thought maybe my presentation wasn’t good enough. The feedback I got was to change the position of some text on one of the time tasks and check my spelling in my presentation visual aid. I was pretty happy with the feedback as there wasn’t anything major wrong with my work.


Greg Carrick said...

It would be nice to see the logo you’re developing, and then we can relate to what you mentioned. You will also find the feedback from others useful in the development of the logo.

The typeface you’re going for sounds like it will defiantly suit the record company. That’s what type of font I’m going for.

I’m glad you don’t have much to do on the typography assignment, sounds like you will have it done and ready to hand in next week.

Tom Smith said...

Like Greg, I'd also like to see the logo you're developing. It's useful to get feedback from everyone to help with the development process. It definitely helped me with my logo - some of the more critical comments spurred me on to make an idea work that perhaps wouldn't have if I hadn't had that motivation!

Rebecca Bradley said...

Well done on the typography assignment like me you havent really got a lot of chages to do. Like you said its a great idea to write down the things that you did and didnt get right on the assignement. So we will be able to use these notes in the other assignmnets.

shaunbellis said...

Hi Vicki,

The development of the logo's certainly has been an interesting challenge for the majority of us; and still is for me!

I also would like to see your logo in its current state; feedback is vitally important during the developmental stages; even more so because this is the first time that many of us have undertaken work like this.

The generation of the CD artwork is going to pose me with a great learning opportunities as it is again the first time that I will have undertaken work like this.

Shaun Bellis