Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Logo designs

This week I have been carrying on creating logos. I have got over 60 designs, each one as different as possible so I have a range of logos. I have enjoyed doing the logo designs because I like going the sketches and its some thing a bit different from what we have been doing before. Yesterday I chose some of the logo designs which I thought would best suit the company and redrew them also adding colour. Some of the colour I choose didn’t suit the logos and made the logos look rubbish. When I have got the logos on the computer it will be better to start experimenting with colours, typefaces and shapes. For now though I am looking at colours that would best suit the company, and the type of company it is.

Today I went on a font web site and choose a range of font that I could use for the logo. I also got an example of what the logo would look like by getting a sample of the font saying ‘Emit’. I got the typeface in a range of sizes so I can if it is still readable at a smaller size. For this week self study I am going to go though all the fonts I have collected and see which I think would be best for the logo.

In the seminar meeting this week we looked our logos and chose the ones we should develop. I didn’t have a favourite logo design and I didn’t really know which logo design to chose. So the seminar meeting was good this week as it help me decide which logo to develop.

Now I know what logo design I am going to develop it using different colours, typefaces and shapes/lines. When I get my complete logo which I am happy with I am going to test it in different size, to check it is visible when really small. Also this week I have been thinking of ideas for the CD cover. I have been collecting inspiration, like other bands/artists CD covers and photographs.

Mondays lecture was about how to use Free Hand, I found this lecture really useful, as I have not used Free Hand before. Even though we have only been shown how to use Free Hand, I am going to have a go at using Illustrator so I can use a range of programs. Been learnt now to use Free Hand will make it easier to use Illustrator, as the programs do the same thing, but I do expect there will be some differences between the programs.


Greg Carrick said...

It’s good you’ve got such a range of logo designs, I’ve got quite a few but many seem to be similar and I need to try a different approach and get different ideas. I’ve also enjoyed designing the logo and it’s good to get a bit of time in the sketchbook.

It’s good to experiment with different fonts as the font plays a big part in the logo design. It would be nice to see some of your designs or ideas for the font.

Rebecca Bradley said...

I think it was a really good idea that you looked on a site for different fonts instead of just using the fonts on the software.

Your design idea that you picked in the group meeting this week would suit the company Emit really well and it would be nice to see the changers that you were going to make to the logo design.

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