Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Logo feedback

Monday we started with a lecture on printing artwork, which I thought was very useful as I am up to the stage of doing the CD cover designs. After the lecture the rest of the day was a get on with it day, apart from when we got feedback for A5, the builder web site. I wasn’t sure what feedback I would get about the web site. I was happy with the complete site but I still think it could have looked better. The feedback I did get was to compress my images, and change the backgrounds of the images, from cream to white to make them stand out more and to make the images not mix into the page as much.

With the feedback I got for my presentation, which was to spell check. I noticed quite a lot of errors in my spelling. This has learnt me to spell check my work more, using word’s spell checks or any other spell checks because I don’t always pick up on my own spelling errors. Spelling is one of the main things I need to improve on and I am trying different way to try and be better at spelling words correctly.

On Monday I spent most the day looking for inspiration for my CD cover. My music doesn’t really have a certain theme or thing that I can associate it with, so I have been looking at a range of different images to try and get inspiration. At the moment I have ideas for futuristic themes, nature theme like beaches and woods and season themes. None the designs I have done so far I like so I am going to keep trying different designs till I find some I think will suit the music.

My logo is coming long ok, I have to finalise the shape of the logo and I have uploaded the different shaped so any feedback would be good. The typeface that I have is not the final typeface, so I also will be posting the typefaces and colours that have been chosen to suit the logo soon.


Greg Carrick said...
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Greg Carrick said...

Spelling is something I’m also not that confident with and when using InDesign the spelling mistakes aren’t made apparent like in Word with the mistakes underlined.

There is actually a spell checker in InDesign, here is how to use the spell checker.

I prefer the 8th logo, as it looks better with different length lines and the ends rounded.

I know that’s not your final font, but just be careful not to get the font too close to the circle.

shaunbellis said...

Hi Vicki,

I think that many of us have issues with spelling; perhaps this can be accredited to relying on the spell checker to sort it out for us or maybe even text messages and msn?

InDesign do have a spell checker that works similar to work with the underlining (however the suggestions are not too cracking).

InDesign > Edit > Preferences > Spelling > Enable Dynamic Spelling.

Hope that is of some help to you.

John Browne said...

Hey, Its good to see that you dont have too much to do with your website to get it completely spot on.

Other then that I'd say the more preffered logo is the one of the bottom right. The rounded edges give it a more flow like feeling and it doesn't make it seem like were setting sail.

Tom Smith said...

Spell checkers are OK for ensuring individual words are spelt correctly, but they're pretty hopeless when it comes to grammar and syntax. One of the best ways to improve your English, I believe, is to read it! Whether it's books or magazines, the TV Guide, whatever, it's really helpful when it comes to getting a grasp on the language.

With regards to the logo, like Greg said, make sure your text doesn't get too close to the circle. This will cause a lot of problems at small sizes.

Rebecca Bradley said...

Its good to see that your logo is coming along really well I think any of the logos could be used but I would start to have a look at different colour ideas and fonts so you have a better idea of which logo works better.

I am the same when it comes to spelling mistakes but in time you just get better at it. But I think its allways a good idea to get other people to check over your work as they will pick up on the spellings that you missed or even writing down in your sketch book the spellings that your not as confident with so that you can allways look back to make sure you have got them correct.