Tuesday, 6 May 2008

CD cover and final finishes

The hand in date for assignment 7 is next Tuesday and I am abit stressed about it. I have a complete logo that I am happy with, the pre flight document is ready to be filled in and I am looking forward to writing the evaluation for the assignment. I enjoy writing evaluations as they are a good way to finish an assignment, as it makes me look over what I have done and how I have felt though out the assignment.

The only thing that I am worrying about is my CD cover, I still have to finish it. Tomorrow I am getting it complete so I can have the pre flight and evaluation done on Thursday and check though my work Friday. So Saturday can be used to do final checks and changes. I am going to have all my work complete and ready to hand in on Monday, so I can show my work in the seminar meeting so if any improves need to be done I can get them done Monday.

The checklists I did last week, will come in useful this week as they will help me remember what needs to go were and check I don’t forget to do something. Well doing assignments I like to set aims, like if I have a task I need to completing I’ll set a certain amount of time and make sure I finish the task in that amount of time. This helps me concentrate better, as I have something to aim for.

So the main thing I need to do this week is finish my CD cover then I should be calmer about next Tuesday. I will need to do some more Photoshop tutorials, so that I can make more changes to the image on the CD cover, so I am showing a range of Photoshop skills.

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Tom Smith said...

Hope you manage to get your work done as you plan it. It seems to me that you've got your own system of target setting for the assignment, and this is a good thing; like you said, it gives something to aim for. This is something I used to be rubbish at, but I feel a lot more comfortable now using the Production Schedule/Weekly Time Sheets to do this. It definitely helps me set a schedule to complete work in.