Thursday, 8 May 2008

CD cover 2

This is my CD cover with the text, logo and bar code added. Please leave a comment with any feedback. Thanks.


Martyn said...

Hi Vicky

Its looking good, i see you have improved the moon, which i think makes it look a lot better in my opinion.

Nor really much else i can say, i like the font it stands out and i think the colour sceme of white and light blue fit's the background.

Thanks, Martyn

Suzanne Hullah said...

Great work Vicky,

I love the idea of putting a disco ball the moon and you've implemented it superbly. The font you've chosen really suits the artwork and compiled together as a final piece it looks great. Well Done!

shaunbellis said...

Hi Vicky,

Wow! This looks really good and as Martyn said in a previous post, the moon come disco ball is a fantastic idea!

The typography (both font family and choice of colours) works well... very well!

The word professional comes to mind!


Shaun Bellis

Rebecca Bradley said...

Its looking good.

In the last group meeting you was just deciding what you wanted the Cd cover to look like. But now that you have designed it, it looks really good I think the background you have chosen works well as the imagers stand out and the typeface you have chosen fits in.

John Browne said...

WOW! So far in so little time, Im impressed. It was only last week when you finished your logo design. And from what I remember on the cd artwork, you were playing around with a beach picture. Now its a million miles of the shore and out of this world. I cant think of anything elso to put, its perfect in my opinion.

Greg Carrick said...

Your design looks really good and the disco ball/moon idea is brilliant. I really like the typeface you’ve used it suits the design.

I can’t think anything to change, but maybe try playing about with different barcodes and the positions of the barcode. Just to see if it suits a different position more.

James Bell said...

The CD cover looks really good and the typeface really compliments the design.

The type size for the tracklisting may be a little big so I print a draft version just to check.

Other than that I agree with Shaun it looks very professional.

Gary Benn said...

Hi viki,

Im impressed! It looks really good! I have to agree whith what James said about the typeface for the track listing, perhaps you should pring it down by a few points.

I would also take a look at some of your own CDs taking particular care with the logo. to me it looks slightly on the large size! It just needs to be made slightly smaller. Also to match this if you try using one of the thinner barcodes it might help.

I understand why you did it, but dont be scared of the empty space, it will show off more of your background.

Nice use of alignment and I love the moon idea!

It is fantastic, Well done!

Tom Smith said...

Nice job.

Some pretty nice work there, really well executed, in my opinion. I agree with the comments made so far... smaller text for track list, smaller logo, and maybe smaller barcode to go with the logo.

Just out of interest, what is the font you've used? It's quite simple and readable, but yet is quite quirky. I like it!