Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Delivery Requirements

To make my portfolio website I will be using a range of programs and technologies to make the site. I will be using the basics like a computer and an internet connection to create the website and make it live. The other important things I will need to create the site are the technologies and programs. I will be using programs from the Adobe Creative suit, such as Dreamweaver to build the site and Photoshop and maybe Flash to create elements for the site.

The technologies I will be using is XHTML (version 1.0) this will be the code that is been used to arrange the content of the portfolio before sorting out the presentation. I will be using CSS (version 2.1) to do the presentation of the website. It makes it easier to keep the web pages looking more consistent thought out the website and easier to make any changes. CMS (content management system) will be used within the website, with it been a portfolio it will be updated regularly therefore it would be easier to have a CMS. IMAP will be used as I would like some way that people could contact me via e-mail.

Also I have my webhosting already set up which means I can upload my site as soon as it is completed and I have my e-mail address sent up so e-mails can be sent to viki@victorialouisefisher.co.uk and my URL is www.victorialouisefisher.co.uk.

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