Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Presentation work and building a web site

This week I have been carrying on with my A5 and A6 work, which as been the presentation for a6 and building the web site for A5. The presentation work is going good, there isn’t loads of information about the typographer I am doing about but there is a bit about where he lived and few details about career. Roger Excoffon only designed about 11 fonts so I have chosen 3 of his most popular typefaces and I have gone into more detail about them. I have also found a web site that shows the typefaces used in everyday life, like on shop signs which will be good to add to the presentation or the handout as it will show an example of what the typefaces look like. The feedback I got on the last presentation is that I didn’t finish well, so I am going to try and improve this time by firstly adding a slide at the end of the presentation asking if there is any questions, so it will remind me to ask if there is any and also I need to remember to give my handouts out. My main improve thought is to try and keep it to 5 minutes and I would be happy if I could do that.

Last week for my A5 self study I started building the web site, I haven’t got that far with it but I am happy with what I have done so far. I have already had to make a few changes from the design, because when I have put the design in Dreamweaver it just didn’t look right, so I am going to screenshot changes I have made and stick them in my sketchbook and annotate the screenshots, so that when I come to write the evaluation, I can look back and see what changes I did.

Also for self study this week I collected inspiration, I found a couple of web site with some good inspiration, so I took a hour or so collecting some then I printed it out and stuck it in my sketchbook. I haven’t annotated all the inspiration yet but I am going to finish doing the rest this week and hopeful I will finds some more inspiration.


Greg Carrick said...

Sounds like your presentation is going well and that’s a good idea having a slide asking if there are any questions, this will help you to finish strongly.

It’s good you’re documenting the changes to your site and this will help you remember everything you changed, when it comes to your evaluation.

Tom Smith said...

Good idea to screenshot the changes you make as you build the site. I've recorded my changes but it would probably have been a good idea to screenshot the changes, just as that little bit extra evidence.

Rebecca said...

Looks like your prresentation is going really well and the design of the presenation looks great to.

I also think its a really good idea putting evidence in to your sketch book with the changers that you have done. Thats some thing I will be doing if there are any changers that I need to do to my site.

James Bell said...

Recording your changes is a very a good idea and something that I have tried to remember to do in the past but often not succeeded with.

This assignment make it very easy to take screenshots of all the changes and annotate them.

This is a good habit to get into for the assignments as it can be used to demonstrate the development of a piece of work and this is part of the Merit criteria.

Liam Corfield said...

I too have had to alter the design somewhat, im going to use youre idea and screenshot the changes and annotate them. it will make good evidence for the evaluation.

Andrew said...

I too have tried my best to screen shot the development and progress of my site, hopefully I've done it well enough to please Steve, and accurately depict my progress throughout building it. It's something I have in the past struggled with, so this module will be able to get my mark up in that particular area.