Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Another week back

All holiday I wanted to know my results, I had to wait untill Monday afternoon to get them as we had a talk in the morning. I was already nervous about get the results for the assignment and then the talk in the morning didn’t make me feel any better. The talk was about the results not been good enough. I always try my hardest, So some of the things said I found a bit upsetting, and it came across to me as we hadn’t tried.

After the talk, we had a demonstration on how to use Dream weaver. I have used Dream weaver before so I know some basics, but I learnt easier ways to do things, which will make the web sites easier to make. We got to have a play about with Dream weaver. After the demonstration I went over all the things that we had been shown and then I went on the internet and look at some tutorials, and looked up solutions for problems I had, had before.

While we were experimenting with Dream weaver, people went to get their results individually. When I found out I had passed A3 and failed A4, I was more bothered about failing A4. I am glad I have passed A3 it’s just doesn’t seem like I have.

Today we went over what the new assignments include. For assignment 6 we have to do a presentation, which at the moment I am not that bothered about presenting it but I am sure I’ll get nervous when I have to. The presentation as to be on a typographer and the person I am aiming it on is Roger Excoffon. I have researched for hours today but I can’t find a lot of information today, all I could find was a bit of information about him and some information about some of his typeface. So I am going to do more research at home because a lot of web sites wouldn’t open at college.


shaunbellis said...

Hi Vicki,

I think that we have all fallen victim to the colleges over protective firewall / block list; and it is very frustrating as the sites we are trying to get on are directly associated with the work we are doing for college at that time.

Well done for passing the A3 unit, I think that it would be very difficult [if not impossible] to progress onto the 'Builder' assignment.

Whilst it is important to understand the area that require improvements, try not become hung up on the result of the A4 assignment as this may affect your performance on the present projects.

I think that because of my stutter, presentations and talking in public will always be a problem to me. However, practice can only improve the presentation skill.


Shaun Bellis

Greg Carrick said...

Well done for passing A3 and as Shaun said don’t worry too much about A4, you don’t want to affect your current work. You don’t have that much to do on A4 anyway!

I’m also finding it quite hard to find things on my typographer, I think it’s going to take a lot of research.

Suzanne Hullah said...

Like yourself, I too have referred A4. But don't get too disheartened by the fact that you've referred. Afterall, this was the first time many of us had opened Photoshop and used it for proper print work like the restoration and the banners.

We have four weeks to get the work amended and sorted out, Steve has provided us with the feedback that we need to get ourselves back on track...and you've always got the rest of us in class to come to if you feel you need some extra help. You managed to turn your last assignments around in referral time which was a big achievement, so I'm positive you'll be able to do that this time espeically with 4 weeks instead of 2!

Rebecca said...

Well done on passing one of your assignments.

Yes I was the same about the talk in the morning, I know Steve was talking to the whole group but it didnt really put us in the best of moods for the day.

I wouldnt worry about the assignment you didnt pass on because I am sure there wont be that much to do on it any way.

James Bell said...

The college blocking system can be a real problem when researching. As there is no real solution to this it means that most of a the research will have to done in self study time.