Tuesday, 22 January 2008

First timed task

On Monday morning we had a demonstration on basic CSS. When I first started this course I had no idea about CSS, but from the research I have done for web designing assignments and from the demonstration, I now know a bit about CSS. When I researched about CSS I thought it was all confusing, as I don’t understand programming languages. We were shown I few CSS tags and shown how to create CSS using Dreamweaver, I understood all the information we were given and showed, which made me think if I can understand the bit that we had been shown maybe I will be able to understand more about CSS.

The course I was on last year I had to create a web form, but I had to teach my self how to make the form. I did make a form but I had problems, so I was really happy when on Monday when we got shown how make forms in Dreamweaver. It was simpler that I thought to make a form properly, but I am just not sure how to link the form to the CGI bin. I should be able to find the information I need to link it up, so I might have a test before I have to do it for the assignment.

For A5 we made a checklist of things we need to do. The class came up with 30 things, some the points were obvious things like spell and grammar checking, but that is really important thing to do and it is something I need to do regularly when doing pieces of writing. The checklist is going to be useful and I will use it to check my work so I include all the things I need to pass this assignment, but I am also going to do my own checklists. When doing assignment I found it useful to have checklists. I have main checklists that have all the tasks I need to do, and then I break it down into smaller lists. I do this so I don’t feel over loaded with work and I know what needs to be done.

This morning we had our first timed task for assignment 6, I really liked going the task but I didn’t expect to. For A6 I didn’t really know what to expect, so I haven’t been looking forward to it or not wanting to do it but I have been a bit nervous of what the tasks were going to be like. When we were first given the brief, I panicked that I wouldn’t be able to think of ideas, but once I had started designing I got some idea. I did about 10 small designs then I choose 4 of the 10 designs that I thought looked the best. After I had done the 4 final designs, I choose and drew the final design that I was going to develop on the computer. For planning I estimated 45 minutes, for putting the design on the computer I estimated 30minutes and 15 minutes for checking my work. I completed and handed my work in on time which I was happy about, but I don’t think the work that was produce was excellent. This task as made me a bit more existed about doing the other tasks but I am still nervous about what the tasks might be.

Today we had a seminar meeting in our new groups. This week I learnt I have to collect more inspiration and read though unit 4 again. For next weeks meeting we have to have a draft the typographer presentation ready, the presentation I did last time about the colour yellow was too long so this time I am going to aim to get the presentation the right length.


Suzanne Hullah said...

The timed task certainly brought on some anxiety with me when I first heard about it. Like you, I didn't think that I would enjoy them at all, but found that on Tuesday I was enjoying it.

The checklist we prepared on Monday afternoon will be a valuable for the hand in of assignments. So that I don't forget anything, I'm printing mine off and sticking it somewhere where I can always see it so I have a constant reminder!

Liam Corfield said...

The checklist for monday will definatly be helpfull, last semester i didnt use any checklists, so im going to start making them, hopefully it will make the assignment alot easier

Greg Carrick said...

Its‘s good that you understand CSS, I wasn’t sure if I’d understand it but much to my surprise, I managed to write it quite easily.

The forms we had to make last year were very basic and just used the ‘mailto’ syntax. So the information we received from the forms was poorly formatted and hard to extract the data from, since it was all in one long line of text. Since we’re using a CGI bin this time the form should work a lot better and it won’t be hard for you to find the information needed to get the form to work. Give us a shout if you get stuck.

The check list will be very helpful for A5 and it’s a really good idea creating your own check-list, which will probably be even more helpful to yourself than the one we made in class. I think I’ll be making my own some time soon.

I’m glad you enjoyed the timed task, I did too. It’s great you stuck to your time planning that will really help you get it in on time.

Rebecca said...

I was the same about the task wondering if I would be able to think of designs to do. But as you start drawing your first design then its a lot easyer to think of the rest and then your able to start enjoying what your doing.

James Bell said...

Once you start using CSS it quickly start to make sense and you can quickly start to see where and how it can be used effectively.

Tutorials are a great way to learn how to use it and get a better understanding of how it works.

The W3cSchools is the first place I go when I am looking for some CSS help. CSS Tutorial

John Browne said...

Hi, Its good to know that your cracking on and getting the assignments and the technical side of it.

I for one am finding, a slight struggle with dreamweaver following my over confident impression. For some reason the text will not seem to line up correctly and is very evident in a web browser.

Gary Benn said...

ditto on James.

As for CGI, most CGI scripts which you download from the Internet come with step by step instructions, which are quite easy to follow. Most of the time when people have been having problems is when they don't follow the instructions. (One of the most popular ones is Form Mail, but use the one listed in your web plan)

I have to agree with Rebecca on the design comment she made. When you are doing your very first idea or thumbnail - no matter how useless it is, keep it. This is usually where you get all of your ideas for the next 5 or 10 ideas.

Once your juices get flowing the ideas just come to you. And if you really are stuck this is where your A1 collected things come into play, take bits and pieces of ideas from lots of different designs. They fit together in many hundreds of combinations giving you a very solid idea.

Michelle Bonfield said...

I think evaluating the quality of your work for the timed task at this stage may be a little too harsh.

I think you should be proud of your achievement simply in the fact you met the brief within the deadline. You seem to have followed a well structured procedure, which resulted in the successful hand in of the work, so well done. Thats more than what I did!