Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Image restoration progress

For self study last week I started doing my referral work for A6. The main thing I need to do for the assignment is the image restoration. So last week I was shown the first stage of what I needed to do to improve restoring the image. Last week all I did was take the blemishes out, It took me nearly 3 hours to take them all out, but I do think the image looks better at this stage then it did last time. Using the guides made it easy to break the image into stages, so I didn’t feel I had loads to do. I also sharpened the images more than last time which made more blemishes come out but it make the image looks better and you can see more details. This week I am going to have a go at doing the main scratch and the corners. I was going to do the top corner last week but I didn’t estimate to spend as long as I did taking out the blemishes.

On Monday I did a lot of work on the back to basic web sites. I have got all the pages made but I am just not happy with how they all look at the moment and I had a few problems while creating the site, but now I have discussed them with Steve I know how to revolve them. One of the things I didn’t understand about was the template, I used the template to start the pages but I thought I might be able to update the template which would update the rest of the pages, but it didn’t. The thing that looked bad on the web pages was the massive spaces between the texts, and if I didn’t have a space between the body text and the title, the paragraph would have to be the same font style when I wanted the title bold and the rest of the text not to be.

Today at 9 o clock we had a timed task, I did enjoy the task but the only thing that I messed up with I lost a lot of time because I couldn’t get the page size to the correct size, but in the end it was because the margins wasn’t set at 0. So I added all the information I had to use, laid out the design, spell checked and handed it all in on time, but if I had not had the problem I had, had I could have got feedback on the design and improved it. Hopefully next time I will not have a problem and get my work done a little quicker so I am not rusting at the end and get some feedback.


Tom Smith said...

I'm glad to see that you're getting to grips with the building of your website, and I hope that you can resolve the problems you're having without too many issues.

I'm having a similar issue with the text at the moment, I also can't seem to get mine to have a bold subtitle and normal paragraph text without having a space between them. Mind you, I've only tried for 5 minutes this morning. I've got a couple of solutions in mind, I'll let you know if they work.

Tom Smith said...

I found a way around the problem. Follow the short tutorial here.

You basically have to change the bottom margin on the relevant < h > tag to be 0, and the margin on the top of the < p > tag to 0, using CSS.

It also shouldn't affect the spacing of other paragraphs.

shaunbellis said...

Hi Vicky

The image restoration task of A4 can be quite tricky but as I am sure you already know, attention to detail and a really small brush makes all the difference.

The spent hours will be forgotten once you have the finished article and you are happy with it.

I also really enjoyed the timed task this week. I believe that our technical knowledge will allow our creative side to show its potential.

Keep up the good work.

Rebecca said...

I'm the same as you starting the image restoration again, I agree that using the tool to break down the image is a great help. I think that know this is like the second time doing the image I think that it wont take as long this time as we know what where doing more.

John Browne said...

Just finished the image restoration today and I can say it looks a great deal better working on it for the second time.

The timed task also went a lot better for me this time around as I planned each section with a specific time limit. Doing so allowed me to hand in a completed design 15 minutes before the hand in time.

Speakin about the Dreamweaver template. By saving your template page as a DWT file and then opening a new page through the template option on startup will allow you to update all the pages when the template is altered. but im sure your little chat with Steve would have covered that....

Craig Burgess said...

I'd love to see your design for your website so far Victoria; if you would like to show it that is.

As you build more and more websites you'll start to realise a set pattern of common problems that reappear the first few times you make websites. It would be a good idea to keep a record of these issues so you know how to fix them if/when they come up again.