Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Finished my image restoration

Over the holidays have been doing a lot of course work, mainly working on my image restoration work. My referral work was due in on Monday so I had to get all my A4 work to get done in the holidays. For the image restoration I have to remove the fold line and do the corners of the image. I had a few problems doing the image because at first I couldn’t see any improve and that made me stress that I wasn’t going to get it finished in time. So it took me quiet a few attempts till I was happy with the image. I can see a difference between the image I did before and my new image, the image is been more sharpened, as more contrast and the fold isn’t as visual as before. I am glad I have got my referral work out of the way so I focus on my other two assignments now.

On Monday morning we did the usability testing. Before I did it I thought that I wouldn’t like doing the testing, because I wouldn’t know what to say about people web site. Give feedback was easier that I thought all the web sites were good and there were only little errors that I notice. The feedback I received was very useful, a lot the same things got mentioned. Including homepage needs more link to, the logo was already a link to the homepage but I am also going to add other link. People also commented on that not all the terms had pictures, so I am going to get pictures for all the terms. There are other things I need to improve but the two above were the main things that were mentioned.

Using the feedback I got on morning I did a few improvements to my a5 website. I made the size of the page smaller, before the width was 900px now it is 750px. This make the website look better as the text isn’t has spaced out, so there is thicker text blocks which makes it easier to align the images with text. For this weeks self study I am going to try and get all the improvements done before next week, so I can get more feedback. The website will be uploaded again this week, feedback on improves would be nice. Click here to view the site.

Today we had a presentation on newspapers design terms and then we did a timed task. The task was to create an advert for Vodafone, advertising a designer’s job. I enjoyed doing the task and I even finished 20 minutes early this gave me plenty of time to check my work and get feedback. Last time I did a time task I think I used too much time for designing so this time I just used 10 minutes for some thumbnail design, 10 minutes for the 3 final designs and 10 minutes for my final design. I got feedback on my designs all the way thought the stages of designing the advert. Which made me fell more confident about my work because I wasn’t having to worry if my designs were ok or not.

This afternoon in our seminar groups we practice our presentations. I did my presentation in CS3 In Design, and I forgot to change the file format so I could open it at college in CS2. So I had to use an older version of my presentation, so my presentation didn’t go as good I wish could have. Hopefully next week we can have another practice and I will a lot better. This week I am doing work a bit more on the presentation then I am going to do a lot practice, so I can get better at the presentation.


Tom Smith said...


Looks like you've made some really worthwhile changes to your site- it's looking better than previously!

One thing I noticed is that you've missed out the page title for the home page- you may want to change this. All the other titles are written in all lower case, which comes across as unprofessional.

Good work!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for helpping me practice my presentation the other day it helpped me alot.

I also think getting feedback on our sites was really usefull as well. As we can use this and make the changes to are site so it suits are target audience better.

Martyn said...

Hi Vicky

I like your site good choice of colour sceme, one improovment i would make is to add hyperlinks to a bigger version of the screenshots.

Thanks, Martyn