Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Flash and Final semester

For my self managed learning plan (SMLP) assignment I have chosen to study Flash and ActionScript. When I came to choosing the subject I wanted to study I didn’t find it hard to choose as the job adverts I preferred were more creative based. I am glad I picked Flash but it would have been good to know about PHP as well. I also chose Flash because I am not that interested in coding so I went for an option that could involve a bit of creativity.

Flash does include coding and I am not looking forward to learning that because it is like learning a new language to me and even though I want to learn it, it gets really frustrating. To learn Flash and ActionScript I have bought some books, usually I mainly use the internet for resources but this time I decided to choose a different approach to learning a new subject. The only thing with books is you can’t highlight them and scribble notes all over but I am sure I can find a way around that.

Employers looking for new web designers usually look for people who are familiar with HTML and CSS for a start, then Java script, PHP SQL and ActionScript3 as extras. So you should at least know HTML and CSS then know at least one of the other technologies but the more knowledge you have of different technologies the better. I think it would be better knowing a bit of all technologies rather than know a lot about just one.

At interview you would look better saying that you knew about a range of technologies rather than just a few. Web design is about learning new things all the time, so even though I am learning Flash for this new assignment it will change, as new versions of Flash will come and ActionScript will get updates, and therefore the new changes need to be learnt.

This college year has gone really fast, I am nervous about how soon it is that I will finish the course but I am also in a way looking forward to it. The first year was a bit different to the second, it seems to be more self-study based now. I have enjoyed doing this course but at some points I have felt really stressed, so will be glad to have a rest for a bit. I am looking forward to being able to design my own portfolio, the previous students have done some really good websites for theirs.

The final presentation isn’t too far off now but I am not that nervous about doing it. The presentation is on my work and my thoughts and feelings about my work, therefore I will find it easier to do the presentation about something I know and it won’t be the same as anyone else's because my thoughts and feelings are mine and no else could explain my work as well as me.

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