Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Soft Skills

Having a range of skill does makes you more employable, a lot of skills are mainly common sense and building on skill that you were taught as a child. Is include manners, times management (getting to school on time), team work, listening problem solving and etc.

Time management is usually one of the first skills an employer get to see. When going to interview you should be there on time or even better a bit earlier to show enthusiasm. Time management is a really important skill. You wouldn’t want someone to be late meeting you, so why should you do something to someone else that you wouldn’t like. Time management doesn’t just mean getting to place on time, it also means meeting deadlines comfortably.

A purpose of a company is to fulfill customer’s needs and be professional at the same time. Therefore customer service is a really good skill to have, it includes been able to communication in a confident way with customers and been able to keep calm even when a customer are being rude.

Listening is an important skill that everyone should use when been told information. The way you listen to people is to been done in a polite way, always look like your interested and trying to answer questions ask in a professional way.

Team working is not always some people’s strong point but working as a team can make you more confident and help you produce a better working standard. It is good to know you have the support of other people in your team and you get a good understand relationship with them. Problems will always occur when working, so it does good if you can problem solve calmly and simply. Also problems could be fixed quicker in a team than individual, but it’s always good to know you’re capable of doing it on your own.

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