Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Junior web designer job

When searching for jobs I looked for jobs close to were I live, this includes Leeds and Wakefield. The Job vaccines that I found and thought would be best for when I have completed course, I read though then I chose the one most suitable for me. The job advert I have chosen is based in Leeds and is for a junior web designer. The salary is £15,000 a year which is about average for a junior designer.

Skills the company is looking for is someone who knows about the print process, able to work with both web and print work, excellent layout designing, artwork skills and have a good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In design and HTML.

The advert also asks for someone with a degree in graphic design/ multimedia design or a related design subject, even thought when I have finished the course I won’t have a degree, but that shouldn’t stop me applying for the job. If two people applied for a job and one had the qualification that the company was looking and the other didn’t but had a better portfolio that the company really like, they probably hire the person with the better portfolio.

I would prefer to do both web and print work and that was one reason I choose this advert but I haven’t been though the print process before, but from previous assignment we have discussed the print process, so I have a bit of knowledge of it .

The skill I would have to work on would be HTML mainly but also the knowledge of the software’s, you can never know too much about how to use software’s and techniques when using them, so the more practice I have using them the more convenient I will be, allowing me to create better work.

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