Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Reading Week Tasks

The tasks I was given has all been enjoyable, apart from having to listen to the music. The music isn’t what I usually listen to and I don’t really see the point in the kind of music I was given, in some parts of the music it as some kind of creepy sounds. So having to write a review on music I didn’t actually like was hard. At first I didn’t know what this certain type of music was called, but once I had researched for a bit I found out the music type was called ambient.

I had to listen to the music a couple of times before I could start the mind maps because I didn’t know what to write. Even though I did the mind maps yesterday I went over them again today and added a few extra points so it made it easier to collect things for the mood boards. I have liked making the mood boards, first I choose a colour scheme then I chose the images and fonts to suit the music. I have done mood boards for some songs, the record company and the overall the album I was asked to listen to.

Here is some mood board examples which I have used (It’s for the first song on the album)

Colour Scheme



The thing I have most enjoyed this reading week is collecting the logos, once I had started collecting them I couldn’t stop I ended up collecting 50 and I could have carried on collecting more of them. I tried to get a wide range of logos, so I covered a lot of different company types, from car manufactures to children programmes. It was harder collecting the record labels logos as I had to find the right record label to suit the album I was given and then a lot of the record label didn’t have logos on the internet that I was able to find. I collected just under 30 logos and they all look very different, some I like, some are not that good and some are processional looking. Most of the logos I collected all had the name of the company as the logo but some just had images which I thought doesn’t make you link the logo with it company easily.


Greg Carrick said...

I’d never heard of the ambient music genre either and was really surprised how popular it is and how many different ambient bands there are.

Even though the music I had to listen to wasn’t my type of music either, I can see why people like it.

Like you I got carried away with the logo collecting and got a fare few of them from a range of different companies.

Rebecca Bradley said...

I have enjoyed this week too. I was the same there where lots of recorded labels for this type of music but most of them didnt have a logo for there label. So I had to find some of the popular recorded labels to add to my inspiration.

Martyn said...


I enjoyed the week also I think it’s important to remember how popular ambient music actually is. I actually liked my CD which helped a lot with the tasks through out the week. However like Steve said even if you didn’t like it it’s a lesson that you wont always be doing projects about things you like.

Like you and Greg I also got carried away with collecting logos, I found that a lot of them had colour and very few was just typeface, this is to make the user look more closely at the logo.

Thanks, Martyn