Monday, 10 March 2008

Gel- sol - 1140 Review

First view of the album cover it looked like water going over autumn leaves, which gave the expression this album, would be relaxing nature music. Once the CD had been put in to the CD player and I started listening the first song my original idea of what of the album was going to be like disappeared.

The first song (Assemblage point) starts off silent making you think that the CD isn’t working then the music is faded in creating a relaxing start to the song. The name of the song gives you an idea of what the song is going to me about, Assemblage meaning collecting. The song is a collection of sound brought together to create comforting symphony. The song is a great start to a wonderful album.

The music on this album can be described as caress and confusing, it relaxes and calms you but at the same makes you think about the music. Bursts of different sounds and voices are added to the songs in certain places, which makes you feel like the sounds as been created right next to you. This making the music create a range of emotions for example calms, upbeat and shocked. The first time you listen to the album the different range of sounds and beats can make you think why have they added that but the more you listen to the album the more it sells its self to you.

This type of music is said to be the next generation of dance music and I can hear why that as been said, the music is different but likely able and once you have listened to it once you wouldn’t be able to stop listening to it.

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Gel-Sol said...

Hey Victoria, thanks for reviewing my album!

I have another album called Unifactor, whic was released last year, and a new album called IZ coming out in a few weeks!

Thanks again!

Yer Pal,